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English: United Nations headquarters in New Yo...

United Nations Headquarters in New York, seen from the East River. (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

The tall Secretariat Building overlooking New York’s East River is the centerpiece of the United Nations complex and a symbol of the quest for peace between nations. The smooth glass facade is also a landmark example of the International Style, a mid-twentieth century movement toward simple, geometric design. The architects included Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, and Wallace Harrison.

The United Nations officially came into being October 24, 1945. The Secretariat building was completed in 1952 and renovated in 2012.

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Gehry’s Great Concert Hall

English: The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los A...

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles California. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and opened on 23 October 2003. It is the fourth music hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Architect Frank Gehry has been making waves for more than sixty years, and his concert hall in Los Angeles ranks as one of his most controversial—and most celebrated.

The stainless steel Walt Disney Concert Hall expanded the Los Angeles Music Center, adding a 2,265-seat main auditorium, a 266-seats theater, and two outdoor amphitheaters. Critics complained that the glittering facade posed a traffic hazard, so Gehry later tweaked the finish to tone down the metallic sparkle.

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Celebrate Wright’s Guggenheim Museum

English: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New Y...

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York by Frank Lloyd Wright (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

With a six-story spiraling ramp, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum is a hallmark example of hemicycle design. At the center, an open rotunda offers views of artwork on several levels. Wright, who was known for his self-assurance, said that his goal was to “make the building and the painting an uninterrupted, beautiful symphony such as never existed in the World of Art before.”

The circular building seems as revolutionary today as it did when the museum first opened on October 21, 1959.

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