Oh So Rococo!

Wies church (Wieskirche), Germany

Wies church (Wieskirche) by Dominikus Zimmerman, in Bavaria, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even in the 1700s, when Rococo was the height of fashion, some people considered the style excessive and absurd. Today, it’s hard to know what to think of a building like the exuberant Wies Pilgrimage church in Bavaria. The church was designed by Dominikus Zimmerman, who was born on June 30, 1685, and his brother, a fresco master.

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Gaudí’s Barcelona

Casa Batlló - Barcellona Antoni Gaudi

Casa Batlló in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born on June 25, 1852, Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí defied established traditions and pushed at the boundaries of reality. To visit Barcelona is to discover Gaudí’s otherworldly designs, like Casa Batlló shown here.

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The Chicago School: Skyscrapers with Style

English: Chicago School window grid, Chicago, ...

Chicago School window grid, Chicago, IL, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s known as the Chicago School is not a school at all, but a small group of architects who creatively and competitively solved problems of building and design. This new multi-page article looks at Chicago architecture that changed the face of modern commercial buildings.

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