Falling in Love With Fallingwater

Writer Jackie Craven at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Some people say the rooms are cramped and the built-in furnishings as hard as the stone walls. And doesn’t the sound of all that water make you wanna peeeee? But Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t thinking of comfort when he designed the famous Fallingwater house in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

Walking through Fallingwater is like climbing a narrow mountain trail with waterfalls loudly cascading all around. Awe and reverence mingle with the uneasy sense that life is precarious.


Visit Hay Castle, Schmooze With the King

English: Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye The castle has...

Next time you visit Wales, be sure to drop in on Richard Booth, the self-proclaimed King of Hay-on-Wye. His title is well-earned.  Thanks to the eccentric British bibliophile, this sleepy Welsh village has become a world-famous literary center and the site of the famous Hay Festival held every spring in Wales and various times of the year in a dozen other countries, from Nigeria to Bangladesh.

The transformation of Hay-on-Wye began with the town fortress.


Houses You Can Hardly See

The Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe
Oh, to live in a house made of glass, floating above field and marsh. In the mid-twentieth century, architects Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson dazzled the world with their crystal creations, and contemporary architects have built upon the idea.

These practically invisible houses merge daily living with the great outdoors. Its occupants are liberated from walls—and from privacy. But, let’s get down to basics. Yes, glass houses do have bathrooms, and even closets. It takes a clever architect to hide these things so well!