Awesome Engineering for Flood Control

Thames Barrier

Some of the world’s most amazing structures are also the most practical. Japan, England, the Netherlands, and other low-lying countries have developed ingenious, high-tech systems for flood control. These dams, gates, and water barriers were not designed for beauty, and yet many are so visually arresting, they take your breath away.

For Americans who remember the devastation of levee breaches in New Orleans, what could be more beautiful?

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Inside the Rookery

The Rookery in Chicago

A whirlwind tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago is likely to take you to the majestic Rookery Building on LaSalle Street, in the center of the financial district. With steel frame engineering, elaborate ironwork, and a grand oriel staircase, the building conveys elegance and solidity. But, how much of the design belongs to Wright?

The Lobby details added in 1905 are Wright’s, but the building itself grew from the genius of two earlier masters, John Wellborn Root and Daniel H. Burnham.

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