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United Nations

The tall Secretariat Building overlooking New York’s East River is the centerpiece of the United Nations complex and a symbol of the quest for peace between nations. The smooth glass facade is also a landmark example of the International Style, a mid-twentieth century movement toward simple, geometric design. The architects included Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, and Wallace Harrison.

The United Nations officially came into being October 24, 1945. The Secretariat building was completed in 1952 and renovated in 2012.

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Architecture in Seattle After the Fire

Seattle Space Needle

The Great Fire of June 6, 1889 devastated most of Seattle, Washington. Flames began around 2:30 pm when a woodworker mishandled some glue. For the next 18 hours, the inferno engulfed the business district down to the waterfront. When Seattle rebuilt, the land of timber frames turned to modern masonry and a new construction material called steel.

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