Falling in Love With Fallingwater

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

Some people say the rooms are cramped and the built-in furnishings as hard as the stone walls. And doesn’t the sound of all that water make you wanna peeeee? But Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t thinking of comfort when he designed the famous Fallingwater house in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

Walking through Fallingwater is like climbing a narrow mountain trail with waterfalls loudly cascading all around. Awe and reverence mingle with the uneasy sense that life is precarious. And, indeed, the masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright hovers on uncertain ground. Shoring up the support beams and preserving the house has been a multi-million dollar project.

If you go, be sure to reserve your tickets weeks in advance. Wear sturdy shoes and plan on spending a couple hours exploring the grounds. You can take photos of the exterior for your personal use, but you’ll be asked to put the cameras away when you go inside the house.

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