The Tao of Taos

Richly colored desert mountains

So many stories surround Taos, New Mexico, I felt a bit trembly when Highway 518 emerged from the evergreen Carson National forest and looped down into the remote New Mexico valley. According to legend, people who enter Taos are destined to remain there forever…

Shown Above: Organ Mountains Desert Peaks, New Mexico. Photo by Lisa Phillips, Bureau of Land Management, Las Cruces District Rangeland Management via Wikimedia

One thought on “The Tao of Taos

  • July 14, 2013 at 3:30 am

    I visited Taos several times in 1983. I went skiing in the winter, at several times at a restaurant – Charlie’s? – and acquired one piece of pottery that I love, and I wanted to find the artist, the piece is kind of “folded”, part of a tea set – I could only afford one cup – but it reminded me more of a Japanese set, since there were 5 teacups & a teapot. The cup – more of a “glass” is signed JW ’82 – any idea who the artist might be?
    Thanks – PS I moved back to Portland, Oregon, my native land, in late 1983. But Taos still beckons – I fell in love with New Mexico, and if I ever got a chance to choose, I’d move back there.

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